Sony ericsson devices

xperia x10
(turn the phone on while holding the back button)
(Press BACK button few times right after white SE
logo appears.)
(boot up soon as display is on press the back key many time till you enter recovery)
(Turn phone on, while holding power button and pressing back button  many times)
( reboot
your device and press the Volume Down key
when the Sony Ericsson logo appears when the
notification LED turns blue.)
(power plus vol down)
(Turn device off. When off, press the power button,
and start tapping the back button untill device boots
into recovery)
(Volume Up and Volume Down keys and then
pressing the Power Key until u boot to recovery)
(Hold down power and volume up button..when SONY logo appears, release power button
but keep pressing volume up button until it loads into recovery)
(Now start the phone. When you see the free xperia
logo, keep pressing volume down until recovery
menu appears. )
(Press the Power button and while the device is rebooted, press the Volume
Rockers a few times to boot into the
Recovery. )

xperia active 
(press the volume down key a few times when your
phone boots up. The sony logo brightens at one
point, press during that time)
(Power off the phone. Power it back
on. When you see the splash screen
and the LED light turns blue, press
the Volume Up button. This allows
you to enter Recovery Mode.)
(at boot up keep
pressing the vol up button when you
see blue led and feel small vibration from the
(currently unavailable,flash rom thru fastboot)
(currently unavailable,flash rom thru fastboot)

xperia x10 mini

xperia x10 mini pro

xperia x8

xperia arc

xperia arc s

xperia play

xperia neo v

sony tablet s

xperia mini

xperia mini pro

(currently unavailable,flash rom thru fastboot)

xperia ray

xperia s

xperia p

xperia u

xperia solar