Acer /Dell/Toshiba devices


A1/liquid s100

(hit volume - + camera + power)

iconia a500
(power and Vol down)

iconia a100
(power button and the volume down key)


streak 5
(Press and hold down the camera button and then
press the power button. Release the button when you
see a white screen)

streak 7
(Turn device off. If power button will not
work, then use a paperclip to hit the soft
reset key in the pin hole next to the Sd
card slot.Press and Hold the volume up key
Keep holding Volume key and now hold
Power key as well until Boot Mode

(Power your phone off
Turn the vibrate mode switch on
(you can see red)
Hold Volume Down and Volume
Up and Power Button at the same
time. You can release the power
button when the LEDs light up)


folio 100
(power+volume up)

(hold both the power and the volume up button until the thrive boots up. At this time you have 3 options the first is a andriod and that will have you just reboot to the regular thrive upload. second option is to recovery and the last is USB loading)